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The legal clauses in the Unsecured Loan Agreement template are comprehensive and the language used is clear and simple. The document covers the important terms such as:

  • repayment by instalments or on a fixed date or event
  • the interest rate
  • the option to include a personal guarantee from a third party other than the borrower.

LawLive uses the traditional layout for a legal document.


  • Comprehensive legal terms
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf) for Microsoft Word or Mac Pages
  • Telephone support
  • Insert your logo


  • No support from a lawyer

LawLive Overview

LawLive is a well established provider of Australian online legal templates offering a library of over 400 documents, operating since 2006 with websites for Australia, NZ and UK.

The LawLive site is reasonably easy to use although a bit outdated. You simply fill in a series of questions in the document builder using the guidance notes provided. You can return to the site and reuse the document builder to insert different answers into the document.

LawLive offers good support. They can be contacted by telephone during business hours or by email and they also provide a street address in Australia. Unlike many other legal sites, LawLive do not offer help from a lawyer.

If you are not happy with a document you can take advantage of LawLive’s 7 day 100% money back guarantee.

How LawLive Works

Use the LawLive document builder – answer questions to customise your document.

LawLive offer some great features for creating and managing documents. You can upload your logo to go on the cover page and save a template of pre-filled answers to use in a document builder. Finally, you can upload and store your signed documents.

You can preview the first few pages of a document before you pay.

LawLive give you the option to:

  • Pay per document or
  • Pay for a library subscription – $90/month for $500 worth of documents or $120/month for $750 worth of documents. Beware, if you cancel a subscription within the first year LawLive’s terms and conditions state you may be charged for the cost of each individual document you’ve used. In other words, they have a “fair use” cap.

After paying, download the document instantly in these file formats:

  • Rich Text Format (.rtf) for Microsoft Word or Mac Pages

While you can edit the document in Microsoft Word format, you need to return to the LawLive website to re-use the document builder and change your initial answers/clause selection.

If you need help from LawLive:

  • they do not offer support from a lawyer
  • they offer a 7 day 100% money back guarantee on individual documents (but disclaim liability for errors or omissions in their documents)
  • contact them by mail, phone or email – see

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Loan Agreement (Unsecured) Template from LawLive

For use throughout Australia


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